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Engine Best Practices – Cold Weather – Car Care Series

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Here at eBay Motors we’re a little partial to candy for Halloween, but we have a treat for all of our readers just in time for the holiday — an updated Car Care Center site, including all of the information you need to be prepared for the coming winter. The newly updated Car Care Center has all of the in-depth information you’ll need to ensure you’re ready for when the worst of the snow and ice hits this year.

From handling a basic oil change or a cold start to warming your engine properly, you’ll find everything you need to know when exploring the Car Care Center pages. Beyond maintenance, there are tips to help improve your winter driving skills – things like handling a slide, properly setting up and taking a turn in bad conditions, and living with the limitations of antilock brakes when roads are iced over.

We like a good horror movie and are continually stunned by the (inevitable) victims’ lack of preparation when they know a monster is coming. The eBay Car Care Center can help you be prepared with your own emergency winter driving kit — we promise, by the time this winter is over you’ll never be without carrying kitty litter in your car.

What to check before the temperatures start dropping; the warning signs that can give you a jump on coming weather; do-it-yourself fixes that can save you money and your car unnecessary wear and tear; we have all of this and more waiting for you at the eBay Motors Car Care Center site. Don’t let a lack of preparedness haunt you later, resulting in a ghoulish fate! Avoid the horrors of winter driving with the help of your friends at eBay Motors, so you can make it to the closing credits of your own horror movie. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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