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eBay Motors welcomes Saab Parts North America

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We are excited to welcome Saab Automobile Parts North America (SPNA) as one of the newest sellers on eBay Motors with the launch of the SPNA eBay store. Now Saab owners shopping on eBay Motors have access to new, genuine parts to purchase direct from Saab, ensuring many more enjoyable miles with their uniquely Swedish creations.

New Saab Logo

Through the SPNA eBay store, Saab owners will have the best shopping destination for genuine accessories, hard to find, and limited availability parts. Whether you’re searching for interior parts to a classic 1986 900 convertible, 1995 9000 suspension components, or side moldings for a newer 2011 9-5, the store will provide everything Saab owners need to keep their cars running and looking as the factory intended. As SPNA CEO Tim Colbeck told us, “Our eBay partnership provides a great parts resource for those who own, repair and restore Saab vehicles.”

We know that the Saab community have turned to eBay for years to search for and purchase parts, and now they have a dedicated store on eBay to access and buy genuine parts and accessories directly from SPNA, either on the Web or using our eBay Motors mobile app when they are on the go.  We’re happy to know that we can expect to see many more Saabs on the road for years to come, thanks to Saab Automobile Parts North America

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1 Comment on "eBay Motors welcomes Saab Parts North America"

zachary rehfeld
2 years 4 months ago


I would like to order a forever a Saab poster if you can still sell them please.

Thank you