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The eBay Motors Facebook page just keeps on rolling! Not too long ago we hit 300,000 fans and now we’re happy to say we are over 400,000! We wouldn’t be here without the enthusiastic support of you, the eBay Motors community, and we thank you for this humbling milestone.

Here at eBay Motors we’re as passionate about cars and the parts to keep them running as our fans are. We live by the old gearheads’ adage that it’s the years, not the mileage — and as long as the eBay Motors community keeps coming back for the pieces and parts to keep their vehicles on the road, we’ll be here to help your road warriors stay rolling. The desire our fans have for the best deals on vehicles, parts, and accessories is what will drive us to even greater milestones in the future!

When the eBay Motors page on Facebook hit 300,000 fans, we asked you all to send in stories of the cars you’ve owned that had made it to the staggering 300k mark on the odometer. Not only did we get some amazing responses, but we got more than a few tales of unkillable machines that had passed the 400,000-mile mark. As we celebrate this latest milestone we want to put out a call to all of you who have owned a 400,000-mile car. Tell us all about the car–how long it lasted; how you managed to keep it going so long; any particularly memorable events in its life, etc. Few of us will be lucky (or as the case may be, unlucky) enough to have a vehicle last so long; let’s see what kind of stories we can get out of the eBay Motors community.

Once again, thank you all so much for supporting eBay Motors—not just on Facebook but everywhere. We can’t wait to see the stories of your 400,000-mile autos!

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