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eBay Listing: Nash Bridge’s 1970 Plymouth Cuda Convertible

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Nash Bridges: “Not the ’Cuda! The ’Cuda’s gone?”

Joe Dominguez: “No, the ’Cuda’s fine.”

The ’Cuda is fine indeed. This is Nash Bridges #1, the first of four ’Cudas used in the CBS television show. All of the production cars were 1970 models made to look like ’71 cars, each with the proper front end, taillights, and even the darker wheel center caps. This example was reportedly Don Johnson’s favorite and the only one with a 4-speed manual. It was also the only original ’Cuda; the other three were converted from regular Barracuda convertibles.

It’s been twice restored since the end of the show’s production, most recently in 2006. The Curious Yellow paint, parchment interior and white top all appear in remarkable condition. A few gifts were left behind by the production crew, as camera mounts and cables can be found on the passenger’s floor and in the trunk.

More importantly, the car is now fitted with a 426-ci, 425-hp Hemi V8. It is a bit ironic, since the car was touted as a Hemi ’Cuda on the show, but only had a warmed-over 360.

In the past year, sales of 1970-74 Plymouth E-bodies averaged from $30k to $50k on eBay Motors. That average jumps to $70k to $90k specifically for ’Cuda convertibles. Click here to see this one’s auction listing.

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