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eBay Listing: 1987 Porsche 930

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Porsche’s 930 is known for explosive power and demanding handling characteristics. The cars were prone to oversteer with their rear-engine layout and short, 89-inch wheelbase. A simple judgment error (like lifting off of the throttle) during high-speed cornering spun many drivers off the road and into the trees. And it didn’t help that the car was the poster child for turbo lag. But when under control and in capable driving hands, there were few contemporary vehicles that could match the 930’s handling.

This top-of-the-911-line 1987 example had just two owners since new. The seller drove it as an everyday commuter, no doubt adding some excitement to each morning and afternoon behind the wheel — but probably only when traffic was actually moving.

The Marine Metallic Blue shows clean on the classic 911 lines and bulging fender flairs. The seller describes it in “super nice shape, but not flawless.” The only modification from the stock white and blue interior is an Alpine stereo and accompanying speakers.

In the past year, nine 1987 Porsche 930s sold on eBay Motors. Good to excellent examples averaged from $36k to over $48k. Click here to see this auction listing.

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