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eBay Listing: 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon

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When you see a 1980 Ford Fairmont like this, you probably think you’re looking at a grandpa mobile or boring mommy wagon. But this one is packing a hot little secret – there’s a 308-cubic inch small block Ford roller motor under its hood. This is a case of a sleeper that’s actually functional as well as fast — it’s a family hauler that can keep up with sports cars in the twisties, can run quick quarter mile times, and still get the kids to school before the bell. Who says you need a new Cadillac CTS-V wagon for that?

According to the seller, the car has been completely built from bumper to bumper, including that 308 Ford V8 with RHS aluminum heads, Edelbrock fuel injection components, Stage 2 AOD automatic with 3,000-rpm stall converter, 8.8 rear end with 3.55 gears and a posi, tubular front end components, big sway bars, and Koni adjustable coil-over suspension.

The paint is original, and it’s a perfect shade of brown for flying under the radar. In fact, if you want to go total sleeper, all you’d need to do is remove the window tint and fit some plain steel wheels. Nobody would see you coming.

There is no rust, and even the interior looks pretty nice. The seller says everything works, too, including the front and rear window washers, dash lights, and all the gauges. The car has only 49,000 miles from new, and the seller says his family has only covered 3,000 miles in it since the performance build was completed.

These Fairmonts are Fox-body cars, so they share their chassis structure with 1979-2004 Ford Mustangs, including the later supercharged Cobras. That means that many of the aftermarket components designed for those cars – and there are a lot of them – will swap into this without too much trouble.

If you want to get where you’re going before the kids ask if you’re there yet, this is the wagon for you. Follow the link to see how it’s doing: 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon

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2 Comments on "eBay Listing: 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon"

3 years 6 months ago

How much?

Tony Moore
3 years 6 months ago

i have a nice lifted f150 i’d trade