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eBay Listing: 1967 Jaguar XKE convertible

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This 1967 E-type is sleek, sexy and triple black. And while black over black may not seem like best color combination for upcoming hot summer days, there’s an easy fix for that — find a two-lane blacktop and bang through the gears up to speed. Things will cool down in a hurry.

The seller did what any prospective collector car buyer would want — he fixed of what needed to be fixed and left the rest alone. Recent work mentioned by the seller includes a new soft top, weather stripping, lower ball joints with alignment, battery, brakes, and a refinished hard top. A Jaguar Heritage certificate comes with the car, allowing the buyer to verify its matching numbers and original colors.

The seller rates the paint at 7.5 out of 10. No dents or dings are evident, and the body panels do not appear wavy or misaligned. Underside shots of the car show it to be rust-free and relatively clean, as would be expected for a car that’s spent most of its life just outside of Dallas, Texas.

In the last year, 21 1967 E-types sold on eBay Motors. Good to excellent examples averaged from $32k to over $50k. Clean and well-sorted convertibles can add a substantial premium over that. Click here to see how this one is doing.

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