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eBay Listing: 1966 Dodge Coronet HEMI

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

There is no doubt HEMI is king of the hill for Mopar lovers. No word inspires more awe and reverence. Aerodynamics weren’t necessarily a priority for making Chrysler’s muscle cars into racing legends. But the HEMI V8 produced enough power to get flying bricks like this Coronet down the quarter mile faster than most other cars at the time.

This ’66 Coronet has the all important ‘H’ in the VIN, signifying a born-with HEMI. The seller says the engine is original to the car, complete with matching numbers.

The paint and interior conditions indicate a well-cared-for car. No blemishes are obvious in the paint. The upholstery, carpet and headliner are also clean. At some point an aftermarket audio system was installed. The head unit is hidden in the glove box and the trunk is lined with amplifiers and subs. Although I don’t think a true car person would be at all interested in drowning out the sound of that HEMI at full snarl.

In the past year, 87 1965-67 Coronets sold on eBay Motors. Good to excellent condition models averaged from $10k to $18k. HEMI examples average significantly more. Good to excellent examples are from $40k to almost $75k. Click here to see this one’s listing.

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