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eBay Listing: 1965 Ford Mustang

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The calendar tells us that there’s about month of summer left, and few cars are better for summer cruising than a 1965 Ford Mustang coupe equipped with air conditioning. Early Mustangs — even those with the less-powerful straight six engine — are iconic time machines that effortlessly take us back to the early 1960s.
And so it is with this car.

This is a 1965 Mustang that hasn’t changed much since it rolled off the line sometime in late 1964. The orange paint is definitely a respray in a new color, but the body panels look crisp and straight. The chrome bumpers and trim look great. The black vinyl interior looks very original – and it good shape. The air conditioning and stereo system — AM/FM and cassette tape — are aftermarket additions. The engine also looks as though it was resprayed.
The seller claims that the car is rust-free, but it never hurts to crawl over and under any car to find any lurking corrosion before writing the check.
In all, this is a very attractive Mustang, and while it won’t tear up the road, it will take you into the time machine.

Ford produced a whopping 506,956 1965 Mustangs. This may well be a later 1965 model, as it has the 200-ci, straight-six engine, which was an option on late 1965 cars (those built after August 17, 1964). The car has the standard automatic transmission with the floor-mounted shifter. The car also is equipped with an alternator, which may be a replacement.

The odometer reads 27,760 miles, which would be a near-miracle figure for a 47-year-old car — especially one with the sturdy, turn-key reputation of a first-gen Mustang. The seller published a telephone number, so you can call with any lingering questions.

In the last year, 658 1965 Ford Mustangs sold on eBay Motors. Good examples averaged over $11k and excellent ones almost $30k. Click here to see this one’s auction listing.

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