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eBay Listing: 1942 MGMC M16 Halftrack

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What better way to get pumped for Fourth of July grilling and fireworks today than getting your very own American military vehicle?

Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M16 halftracks were the premier anti-aircraft artillery in World War II. The military modified M3s to carry the Maxon M45 quadruple mount for .50 caliber M2HB machine guns. The combination proved plenty formidable against the Luftwaffe. The flip-down panels along the sides allowed firing at ground targets with aiming down to 10 degrees below horizontal.

This one is described as “in great condition and runs great.” It has a fresh coat of paint in presumably the original light brown. The registration number is possibly authentic too, as non-tank tracked and half-tracked vehicles started with a ‘40’ designation.

Just a reminder, the max speed is about 40 mph; things might break quickly if you try to go faster. Another problem the halftrack experienced — in case you were looking to storm your neighbor’s land in wintertime — was broken rear axle assemblies, caused by the weight of the turret combined with hard pulling through snow, ice or mud. So keep that in mind.

The Buy It Now is set at $49,999. Click here to view the listing. You’ll just need to add your own turret and quad 50s. Or have the kids fire off some roman candles from the rear as you cruise through town.

Happy Independence Day!

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