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eBay Listing: 1934 Ford Hot Rod Pickup

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

This 1934 pickup is an amalgamation of parts. The cab is a ’34 Ford and the cut and sectioned bed is from a ’52 Chevy with a ’50s Ford tailgate. A ’48 Jaguar Mk IV grille is probably the most exotic piece of the puzzle, but it fits like it was made for the truck. Several patch panels were left simply tacked in place on the body to ensure it’s “not too perfect,” and since the finish is bare metal, the truck was oiled to keep rust at bay.

A ’49 Iksy-cammed flathead Ford powers the truck with triple Holley 94s sucking the air through chrome velocity stacks. Handmade, ceramic-coated individual headers have a unique appearance and are undoubtedly loud. The C4 automatic has a 16-inch Lokar shifter topped by a ’50s microphone as a shift knob. In a word: Awesome.  Twelve-volt electricity ensures easy starting and reliable operation of the gauges, lights and electric fans.

Between the 10-gallon aluminum fuel tank and raised floor to accommodate a rear suspension, there is very little you’ll be able to put in the bed — it’s just big enough to hold one of those car show signs that shares the truck’s details. The seller does caution that anyone over six feet tall will feel a little cramped, as a 4-inch chop takes away some head room.

Eighteen 1934 Ford pickups sold on eBay Motors in the last year. Most were much closer to stock than this hot rod, and they averaged $17k for good examples and $28k for excellent ones. Click here to see how this one is doing.

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