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eBay Garage Photo of the Week: 1966 AMC Marlin

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Owned by: powertourpacer

Powertourpacer has owned his AMC Marlin for several years and considers it part of the family. In 1966 the Fastback Marlin was called an AMC for the first time. Only 4,547 Marlins were built out of 279,225 total cars built in 1966 for Rambler/AMC. Our find from the eBay Garage is painted in factory Balboa Aqua and black, and it matches the two-tone upholstery of the seats.

In stock trim this car is equipped with the powerful 327ci, 270hp eight cylinder engine and “Flash-O-Matic” column shift transmission. Every box was checked on the interior option list for the car which included: tilt steering, AM/FM push button radio, “Vibra-One” rear seat speaker, electric clock and “Airliner” reclining seats.

Quite the catch, powertourpacer’s Marlin looks to be in great condition and fulfilling the dream.

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2 Comments on "eBay Garage Photo of the Week: 1966 AMC Marlin"

Charles Collom
3 years 9 months ago

Is this car for sale? If so, how much.

3 years 9 months ago

great looking car…how’s the backseat working out for ya ?