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eBay Finders – DIY Brake Job by Scotty Kilmer [video]

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I’ve been fixing cars for the last 44 years, and when I’m looking for parts and tools to do a brake job, I think eBay for two main reasons. First, I only want quality parts and tools. And second, I hate overpaying for them. If you’re thinking about doing a brake job, watch this video. It’s not as hard as you may think, and when you do it yourself with quality parts and tools, you’ll know it’s done right.

If you want a quality low profile jack for serious car repair, the Big Red 3 Ton Jack is for you. Modern cars are all low to the ground, and this low profile jack can fit under even the lowest of cars with ease.

Big Red low profile floor jack Akebono brake pads Centric disc brake rotors

Akebono brake pads are top of the line. Quiet, fast stopping, and very little dust when you use these high quality pads. Plus, they are quiet as can be, no squealing with these pads.

Centric rotors are prefinished and ready to bolt on. No cleaning, no turning, just take em out of the box and put em on your car. No noise, no shaking, and low priced. Pair these with the Centric Front Caliper Kit and you’re in business.

When doing a brake job right, always use synthetic brake grease. It keeps the brakes from binding, and prevents unwanted noise. Won’t wash off in the rain like cheaper grease will.

CRC brake and caliper grease Black Stallion shokblok work gloves Centric front brake caliper kit

If you want to keep your hands clean and SAFE, these Black Stallion gloves are for you. Reinforced palm and knuckle areas keep your hands in one piece. And rubber inserts absorb the shock of working with tools in confined spaces.

Some more tools you might find handy for a brake job if you don’t have them in your tool box already include this Craftsman Mechanics tool set, these Kobalt ratchets, and this Tactix Combination Wrench Set.

Craftsman mechanic's toolset Kobalt ratchet set tactix combination wrench set

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2 Comments on "eBay Finders – DIY Brake Job by Scotty Kilmer [video]"

Jack Macallister
4 years 13 days ago

Akebono makes the factory brake pads for Honda and Acura automobiles. Good stuff, as an Acura master tech I’ve been using them for years.

4 years 13 days ago

I agree with Jack.

I’ve been using Akebono pads on my cars since 2000. Fitment is excellent which means that the pads won’t chatter or squeal. Ceramic and semi-metallic compounds are effective straight out of the box, last a long time, and are friendly to the rotors.