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Danica Patrick Does Good at Daytona

Community, Motorsports  /   /  By Shannon McIntosh

What it Means for the Sport as First Woman Ever to Earn Pole Position at Daytona 500

I’ve never been a part of the rainbows and butterflies girl-power sorority, but of course, I have a strong opinion and position on women in motorsports.

When Danica said she’s always approached her career with the mindset that she wanted to be the fastest driver and not the fastest girl, it hit home for me. So what does Danica on the pole at Daytona mean from my perspective?

There is a LOT that goes into being at the top of motorsports and everything from LOTS of financial backing, to a top notch team, to politics, to driver — so huge kudos to Danica for having it all in line and being the first woman to do so.

In NASCAR on super speedways like Daytona, the crew, cars and team collaboration is imminent to being fast, and particularly number one in qualifications. Danica made note in media interviews that her team made it possible for her to “hold it flat” at Daytona and put it on top, but by no means should this lead us to believe that it doesn’t take talent to be there!

Danica Patrick

It is refreshing to see that Danica is humble in media interviews and focused on what is next and what matters, the race. A fast racecar for a qualifying run does not mean much in a race like Daytona when strategy and luck come into play significantly.

I really appreciate and admire that she is not here to be anything other than a racecar driver and have always tried to voice that same standpoint. Real racecar drivers want to win and if you want to make it in motorsports, especially NASCAR, at some point you have to win.

To me, overcoming adversity and being viewed as another talented driver is pertinent. A lot has gone into making this milestone happen and it is extraordinary that a woman is excelling in motorsports at the top levels. I am all about strong, powerful, competitive women and although I won’t say that I want Danica to be where she is because she is a woman, I will say that I am rooting for her success in NASCAR because her message is that she is a driver who happens to be a woman who has overcome much and persevered through many disappointments, especially in her early NASCAR career.

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  1. Edgar Monetathchi February 21, 2013 at 11:51 am Reply

    A very good blog entry – But, I am NOT a Danica fan for the simple reasons that, the moment she stepped out in a bikini, it became about sex. And she left Indycar, when she realized that they would not cater to the sex card. As you know, Indycar has many different WOMEN drivers that compete purely on talent. To me, she (Danica) is a mediocre driver with a very good team and got lucky. You even admit that luck plays a part in racing, so having said that, I hope that you will realize what NOT to do. Once it really starts to happen for you – and trust me it will.
    Lastly, Do not try to emulate Danica, please. Simply be you and you will succeed. You want to play with the boys, PLAY with the boys, … do not use the sex card. … Just saying.

    • matthew February 21, 2013 at 12:35 pm Reply

      Edgar, Like her or not she is here to stay and using her assets to the best of her ability. To say she is a mediocre driver is just retarded. She is sitting on pole at the biggest NASCAR race of the season and has won an indy race. Sure that might have been down to fuel strategy and a split field but she still bagged the W. At this level of racing there is no such thing as mediocre and I assure you she had to have been kicking some major ass to get noticed at some point in her career because being pretty only takes you so far, and lets face it she is only hot because she is such a good driver. I can honestly say if i saw her in a bar and didn’t know her from atom i would never notice her. Great blog shannon. We still need to go karting to see if you can hang with this boy 🙂

    • Quentin February 23, 2013 at 9:20 pm Reply

      She can wear a bikini if she chooses to.

      Who put you in the judgement chair to decide what she is making it about?

      The proof is in the achievement, and from what she says, her focus is ahead of her.

      Best of luck to someone who has the guts to stand out from the crowd and subject herself to the kind of cock-eyed scrutiny exhibited above.

  2. Jefferson Iannelli February 22, 2013 at 6:23 am Reply

    That’s a promising result for Danica. Of course, the race is a long way to the victory and needs more skills than on a single lap.

    I don’t know which team has a better car that which other, neither if Danica has the best car in the circuit, but even in this case, the pole position in Daytona is a little feat and a fair back to her efforts in this championship.

  3. brent nowostawski March 6, 2013 at 4:06 pm Reply

    Edgar , you shouldn’t be using the “stupid” card either , but you’re flashing it around like crazy in every other word you say. You have a comment with no factual content. Falsehoods are not opinions. I believe the Danica haters are SLOWLY disappearing,but its gonna take time.Daytona did alot to help that. Its good to see the other comments here are intelligent,which is sometimes hard to find after an article about NASCAR or Danica. Shannon , great job ! I wish every fan understood the talent,passion,finances,politics,schedules,EVERYTHING that goes into racing at the top level. Sadly most see 4 hours on sunday and compare it to driving on the highway. I would love to see every fan get a chance to drive a race car one time and see what top speed they can get.Fans would have alot more respect. I don’t think most understand the fine line of reaching the limit or going over it..and what it feels like , and what you have to do as a driver to get it to and keep it on that fine line. Or go over it as every racer does often,even the most experienced. Anybody that says Danica doesn’t belong is ignorant and thats not an opinion.She came up through the ranks and has made it to the top in 2 of the sports major series! A win and several poles in INDY CAR , and a pole and 8th place finish in her 11th cup race !! She’s been racing 20 years and I’ve been following her for well over half of that time.I’m proud of DP and I’m proud of you Shannon, racers that happen to be female. Best of luck to you !!

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