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Custom 1964 Lincoln Continental

Classics  /   /  By Tony Piff

This bagged Lincoln Continental, in all its slab-sided glory, reminds us that sometimes driving slow is the whole point. The handles and side trim have been shaved, and the bodywork looks laser-straight, with nothing concealed by the deep, black paint. The massive chrome discs continue the theme and absolutely fill the fender wells. Pop the keyless suicide doors, and the black leather interior is just as flawless as the bodywork, with chromed steering column, billet pedals, and no cracks in the dash.

With air bags at all four corners, you can raise it up for comfortable highway commuting, then drop it in the weeds when you get to the car show. The sound system is described as “amazing” and is nicely integrated into the custom interior and trunk. Although the seller discloses that the six-disc CD changer is not working, I’d probably just swap out the head unit for something iPod-compatible.

See the listing and the complete photo gallery here: 1964 Lincoln Continental

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1 Comment on "Custom 1964 Lincoln Continental"

kirk simonian
3 years 5 months ago

Im very interested in the car, what are you asking for?