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Not many carmakers have retained the same nameplate for more than 40 years.

An intriguing approach to owning a Cobra is what’s called “turn key minus.”

eBay shoppers buying used auto parts can be protected by plans offered by Assurant.

Bentley’s twin-turbocharged six-liter V-12 can push the SUV up to 187 miles per hour.

A lucky motorcycle enthusiast will have the chance to own one of the Hypermotards used in the movie’s production.

Ideas for affordable items that fits inside a Christmas stocking.

Use the “Buy It Now” button, and you automatically qualify for eBay’s expansive buyer protections.

You can go all the way back to 1899 to find the first aluminum-bodied car being presented to the public.

Performance at an affordable price remains the key.

When engineers get the opportunity to run wild with an idea, truly remarkable things can happen.

The Fiat’s personality is raucous, with a wonderfully raspy exhaust note.

The XC90 shows how high-tech features can make all the difference among today's luxury SUVs.

See articles about choosing the right carrier, hitch, or trailer brakes. Then get inspired by trailers matching the car that pulls them.

The current owner acquired Honduran Mahogany and duplicated every single stick of the original car in exact detail.

The Gunner is a “bobber,” a motorcycle that removes excess bodywork and weight—to create a more thrilling power-to-weight ratio.

The four-door NX combines practical utility with smooth riding luxury in a right-sized platform.

The new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider will be the most affordable drop top in America.

Mazda's transition mostly means sharp exterior styling and rich interior materials.

Following its luxury performance competitors, Maserati has succumbed to the reality that crossover SUVs are very popular.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the throaty roar of a Norton.

Toyota Racing Development is best known for producing off-road race trucks, but it also develops products for the showroom.