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SEMA Show Coverage by eBay Motors

Brothers Mike and Jim Ring of Spring Green, Wisc. turned the restomod scenario inside-out.

It’s not concerned with personalities, the products used, or the builder's reputations.

Takahiko Izawa, a master craftsman, paints, grinds, and cures a car’s finish for spectacular results.

The kits answer enthusiast demand for plugging modern-day HEMI engine power into classic Mopar rides.

There are about 2,000 customized classic cars in Vegas this week, each with its own story.

Award-winning products include rearview cameras and apps for adjusting ride height.

Measuring sessions enable aftermarket companies to produce parts before a car arrives in the showroom.

But what happens to those cool car builds after SEMA?

Now that the 2015 edition of the show has wrapped up there are a few things in particular that caught my eye.

Rice owned the 1949 Chevy truck for two years. Five months ago, he got inspired to start a complete restoration.

Colorful LEDs, FrankenDatsuns, wild campers, and other major trends at this year's aftermarket extravaganza.

The technology uses two conductive layers of material sandwiched together. When electrical current is applied, the paint glows.

The Jeep Chief concept’s interior features Hawaiian print cloth inserts, a tiki-shifter, and a smattering of vintage surf stickers.

The Venom GT Spyder’s performance is in the stratosphere: 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds; and a theoretical top speed of more than 280 mph.

Pre-orders for the 3D-printed LM3D Swim are expected in spring 2016. The target MSRP is $53,000.

Despite a skyrocketing music career that afforded him any car he desired, Bridges kept the Legend, and maintained it.

The project was born after the team pondered “the baddest street car” it could build in a real garage with basic tools.

This magnificent muscle car doesn’t just take restomod to the next level. It takes it to the moon—on biodiesel.

Photo credit: Norman Woo, Derek Mau Another SEMA Show has wrapped and were are almost recovered from our shenanigans after our week in Las Vegas. Old friends were reacquainted and new friendships were born. While the SEMA Show may be all about the automotive industry, it is the people behind the scenes and in front of...

Now a week after SEMA ended, we finally are able to decompress and share some thoughts & photos about this year’s vehicles on display at the show. Every year the show boasts a large variety of automotive eye-candy and a sometimes celebrities are called in to amp up the hype in the booths. Enjoy the our photo gallery and...

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this Ford Woodie rose from the weeds in Southern California and was reborn with the help of Clint and Diana Stark. Literally discovered sitting on the side of the road nearly covered by weeds, Clint rescued the neglected Ford Woodie for the purpose of salvaging the sheet metal and...