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The most valuable of the BMW 2002 variants are the pre-1974 “roundies” with classy circular...

Convertible SUVs are not a new thing, but this open-air 1986 Grand Wagoneer is a different story.

Only six were ever built. One of them is now being offered on eBay Motors.

The Wagonaire was billed as “three cars in one.” It worked like a wagon, family sedan, and...

The builders of this ’67 Camaro RS/SS pro-touring ragtop did everything right.

The more powerful engine, Muncie tranny, special hood, and other factory options add value to this...

The Bearcat II was intended for a production run of 100 cars, but only 13 were actually built.

VW just unveiled its fourth concept. A growing chorus of enthusiasts are urging the company to...

The artist’s fascination with animal vertebrae can be seen in the ‘71 Torino’s exterior.

With this Chevy van Snowcat conversion, you can get the kids to school in a blizzard. Or use it as...

Smart and connected technology is making its way to car audio, mirrors, steering wheels, and seats.

Here are the best examples of a seriously cool vehicular subculture: the mobile DJ studio.

The Subaru microcar looked utterly alien in the befinned America of late ‘60s.

eBay Motors caught up with Rydell at the recent Goodguys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Ariz

A practically unused 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster sold for $659,800 on eBay.

Here are gifts that go beyond the typical tools.

It’s an ultra-rare model with two flat-twin motors—one for each axle.

The movie interweaves chapters of Beetle history with its producers’ personal stories of owning a...

Brothers Mike and Jim Ring of Spring Green, Wisc. turned the restomod scenario inside-out.

The 1960 CERV 1 set the stage for future generations of Corvettes with a long list of innovations.

Douglas Clink turns cargo vans into ATV-haulers, mobile Ferris Wheels, and traveling bleachers.