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BUILT from eBay® — Episode 9: "The Road Tests" [video]

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The frantic eight week builds have come down to this: tearing through the Mojave Desert, laying “11s” in the presence of classic fighter jets, conquering insane off-road obstacles, and showing off in style at an epic-looking cookout. The four teams competing in the BUILT from eBay series have finished their project vehicles, but now comes the voting to see whose build is the fans’ favorite.

There is certainly a lot to love about these remarkable 60-day builds. If the sound of GSR’s Team Eurocar rally-style 911 doesn’t get you fired up, we’re not sure we can help you. Watching the classic Porsche unwind all over the desert is not only a remarkable achievement given the time constraints, but a lot of fun to watch. Not to be outdone, the Team Four Wheeler machine from Off Road Evolution makes some nice work of a Southern California obstacle course, showing power and agility while nimbly tackling some nasty rocks and cutting through the water with no problem.

Performance isn’t an issue for Mackey’s Hot Rods, but it isn’t the only thing on their minds. The Team Hot Rod van smokes a dragstrip with the best of them, but is also a tribute to Richard “Spider” Smith, a WWII pilot who was friends with Brian Mackey’s grandfather. The emotional reaction from Smith’s wife shows just how well-received an honor Mackey’s van is, as she tells Mackey how much Spider would have loved it.

For Team Lowrider’s Duran’s Quality Painting, it’s as much about family and community as it is precision and attention to detail. A stunning parade of lowriders, trucks, and one sharp chopper make their way to a neighborhood afternoon BBQ so everyone can feast their eyes on the Duran crew’s picture-perfect ’66 El Camino lowrider. It’s amazing to see how much work was done to the Camino in such short time (in no small part thanks to some timely eBay Motors parts deliveries), and the reverence and appreciation from Duran’s co-workers and family is both heartwarming and well-deserved.

There are only a few days left to log on to to catch up on previous episodes and vote for your favorite build. Come back soon to see which garage takes the fans’ votes!

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