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BUILT from eBay® – Episode 7: “Go Fast, Or Go Boom” [VIDEO]

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“It’s close enough.” “Try to think of something.” “It’s going to be dramatic.” Anyone who’s ever taken on a huge project under a tight deadline can relate to Team Hot Rod’s Brian Mackey in the latest BUILT from eBay episode when, after running through the amount of work needed on their nitrous-equipped, WWII-era fighter jet-inspired van, he says: “It’s getting close, dude…it’s getting close.”

Yes, it’s time for a new episode of BUILT from eBay. In this latest installment, the four competing garages (Teams European Car, Lowrider, Hot Rod, and Four Wheeler) are heading down the homestretch toward the end of their builds, and as with any major undertaking it seems there’s never enough time to get everything done. Long hours become late nights for all the teams—and in the case of Team Lowrider, all-nighters—as the final days of these eBay-sourced builds scream by. The cars are taking shape quickly and the visions of all of the talented builders involved are coming to life before our eyes. Still many questions remain: will Team Hot Rod’s nitrous addition make their van “go fast, or go boom?” Will Team European Car’s rally-inspired 911 get to make the test jump GSR Autosport co-owner Nick Richards seems fixated on attempting?

Those are answers for another day, dear viewer. Today is for episode 7 of BUILT from eBay, wherein classic Porsche rally colors are debated, chrome is liberally applied with a dollop of smack-talk over buffing skills, some very cool eBay-sourced pieces are used to give the effect of a classic fighter jet cockpit, and we learn that paint is for poseurs. Watch the teams fret over parts arriving even as parts from eBay Motors arrive and are seemingly everywhere.
“…the time just flies by.”

Head over to now to watch the episodes, follow every build, catch up on past episodes, and vote for your favorite garage.

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