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BTCC Mechanic’s Challenge

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From our friends at eBay Motors UK comes this insane (read: fun) new challenge for eBay Motors racing star Tom Onslow-Cole from TV mechanic extraordinaire Edd China. The BTCC Mechanics Challenge kicked off on August 16th, and sees the team attempting to take an ordinary milk float and make it into a competitive race car, using parts and accessories voted on by you, the eBay Motors fans. The voting opened on August 20th and closed on the 27th; take a look at the packages and voting results on

We’ve just posted the first of a series of videos tracking the progress of the BTCC Mechanics Challenge. In this first video, we get reaction to the Challenge from Tom and get some perspective of the tasks ahead. There will be two more videos released, showing the team’s progress as we get closer to the culmination of the Challenge on October 7th.

The difficulties of making a competent racer from a humble electric milk float are many, but Onslow-Cole chooses to look at the positives: the float is rear-wheel drive, bodied with light fiberglass (the whole rig stands to go even lighter once the heavy batteries are removed), and as Edd helpfully points out, it’s “practically” mid-engined. As it is now, the float strolls around the Snetterton circuit in just over eleven minutes where Onslow-Cole says he’d normally take about two; there is indeed much room for improvement (in all fairness the float does cut some impressive lines around the track, slow though they may be). Tom, Edd, and the eBay Motors crew have a steep mountain to climb, aided only by their own skill and the parts package chosen by the eBay Motors faithful.

What does the crew have to work with? How fast can the milk float be made to run Silverstone when all is said and done? Keep checking back with eBay Motors as we follow the BTCC Mechanics Challenge. In the next video, we’ll see how the crew is coming along with their build and find out which parts package they’ll have to use.


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