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Best Practices for Braking in Cold Weather – Car Care Series

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Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) have been a great advancement in modern cars. ABS-equipped cars have made a huge impact in reducing the severity of hundreds of thousands of accidents all over the world, saving lives that otherwise would be lost and in many cases helping drivers avoid accidents altogether. For all of the benefits of antilock brakes, however, they are not without their failings. While they can shorten braking distances and help the driver avoid lockup in regular conditions, triggering up to 15 times per second when needed, antilock brakes are all but useless on an icy road.

Don’t fret, though — eBay Motors is here to help. Our Car Care Center has helpful tips to get you through the winter weather with your ride – and more importantly yourself – intact. Some of the pointers are things you might think would be obvious but can easily be forgotten under the stress of icy conditions – limiting speed when the roads start to get covered, taking turns slowly and deliberately, etc. But there are also driving techniques that we all can use that aren’t covered in the all-too remedial driver’s education we have to go through. One that stands out borrows from the race drivers manual: the idea of ‘smoothness’ through all turns and in all conditions. With respect to driving on icy roads, this translates to braking in advance of the turn and then coasting through, accelerating only when fully done with the turn and with the steering wheel straightened out. A handy way to keep this in mind is to imagine a full cup of coffee on your dashboard, trying to stay smooth enough through the turn so that none is spilled.

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You’ll find more useful driving tips along with suggestions on what to have checked out in your car to prepare for the winter at the Car Care Center website at The site has been newly updated and there is more great content being added every day!

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