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Posts by: Nina Russin

Mopar chose the Challenger because it’s the most customized of all Fiat-Chrysler vehicles.

The builders of this ’67 Camaro RS/SS pro-touring ragtop did everything right.

The more powerful engine, Muncie tranny, special hood, and other factory options add value to this...

This year's auction included unique vehicles owned by John Lennon and Steven Tyler.

Vehicles competed in 17 classes, of which four cars won highest accolades.

Among the early models that Yamaha produced, the Enduros of the late 1960s and early 70s were the...

The 1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic Coupe is one of the great automotive treasures of the Art Deco era.

Ideas for affordable items that fits inside a Christmas stocking.

Here are gifts that go beyond the typical tools.

The movie interweaves chapters of Beetle history with its producers’ personal stories of owning a...

The 1960 CERV 1 set the stage for future generations of Corvettes with a long list of innovations.

The ‘new original’ versions will be absolutely faithful to the period car in every way.

Over time, small jets inside the carburetor can become clogged.

Award-winning products include rearview cameras and apps for adjusting ride height.

Measuring sessions enable aftermarket companies to produce parts before a car arrives in the...

“There’s a trend right now towards original owner cars,” Jackson told us.

Performance at an affordable price remains the key.

With the right repair tools, a roadside emergency becomes nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

See our guidelines for pet harnesses, crates, booster seats, and protective blankets.

Storing your classic car for the winter? Here's what to expect when spring rolls around.

Here’s the central question: drive it or store it?