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Posts by: Jim Motavalli

The most valuable of the BMW 2002 variants are the pre-1974 “roundies” with classy circular...

The Wagonaire was billed as “three cars in one.” It worked like a wagon, family sedan, and...

So-called boat-tail vehicles come to a sharp point at the rear like, well, a boat.

The Bearcat II was intended for a production run of 100 cars, but only 13 were actually built.

The full line of historic Fiats includes vans, roadsters, and a sporty coupe with a Ferrari...

VW just unveiled its fourth concept. A growing chorus of enthusiasts are urging the company to...

Automakers are delivering on the current craze for crossover SUVs.

The Subaru microcar looked utterly alien in the befinned America of late ‘60s.

A practically unused 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster sold for $659,800 on eBay.

It’s an ultra-rare model with two flat-twin motors—one for each axle.

The listing calls the car “incredibly rare and significant,” and it’s not hyperbole.

Any car can at least look like it will go faster with a rear spoiler.

The dealership’s crazy customs followed one rule: the wilder the better.

The odd kit car with pop-up headlights was a huge hit. It appeared in the 1990 film Total Recall.