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Updated Dec 22, 2013

The eBay Motors blog features news, reviews, guides, high-quality photography, and commentary about vehicles of almost any shape, condition or age. With verve, enthusiasm, and real-world knowledge, we encourage positive engagement and commentary at all levels.

eBay Motors is the premier marketplace for all things automotive, offering auto enthusiasts everything from cars and trucks to collector cars, exotic vehicles, motorcycles, and auto parts and accessories. More than 4.55 million vehicles have been sold on eBay Motors to date.

Auto enthusiasts are also using the eBay Motors iPhone app to access the eBay Motors experience from the palm of their hand, anytime, anywhere. More than 340,000 auto parts and accessories are sold through eBay mobile apps each week.

eBay Motors is consistently ranked the No. 1 automotive site on the Web by Nielsen//NetRatings.

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fraud alert

There are some very bad people out there that will prey upon the uniformed. We have a page with information and links to other sources as to how you can recognize potential scams and protect yourself.

Go to the eBay Motors Security Center page if suspect fraud or to learn how to recognize the signs of an online scam: eBay Motors Security Center