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With the eBay Motors “10 Days of #MotorLife” contest concluded, meet four more of our winners.

Given the wide range of high-end automotive projects Steve’s Auto Restoration completed over the years, there’s only one word to...

When expensive engine modifications don’t translate to faster performance, it can be pretty frustrating.


Five Car Museums To Visit Before The End of Summer

If you love cars, an automotive museum is the perfect destination for a late summer road trip.

By Nina Russin


Restoring a 1958 Plymouth Fury (Nothing To Do With “Christine”)

The '58 Fury was the star of the 1983 horror movie “Christine." This one was brought back from the dead.

By Bob Kehoe

The Chevrolet SS is one of GM’s performance cars that flies below the radar of most enthusiasts.

We asked you to show us why car culture is important to you, and gave a few lucky winners $1,000 to spend on it.

All gearheads love a good wheel, but in Los Angeles, it's a way of life.

Since 2006, Smokey’s Dyno has been a full-service, high-performance shop serving luxury, exotic, and performance vehicles.

To those who know its underpinnings, the Ford Fairmount is one the stealthiest, smartest sleepers of the last 35 years.

McQueen mostly used the truck for camping trips.