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4 Easy Tips For Shipping Your Classic and Antique Car Safely

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A Classic Car Shipping Guide from uShip

You’ve just found the classic car of your dreams on eBay Motors. It’s nearly 3,000 miles away. Now, how do you ship it home?
Carriers that specialize in transporting classic cars will know how to deliver your vehicle safely and avoid causing damage. And whether you are buying a vehicle from a distance, relocating, moving an unrestored antique, or need top-notch enclosed auto transport for a fully customized hot rod, you’ll find that selecting a quality, professional auto transporter is well worth the money.
Follow these easy steps to ensure that your classic car is delivered as safely and quickly as possible.

1. Find the Right Carrier
Research auto carriers online and look specifically for transporters who specialize in the transportation of classic cars. Sites like offer carrier profiles with real-life customer feedback so you can review real-time information on carriers and their past history. You’ll also want to make sure your transporter has a fully enclosed truck or trailer to protect your classic car from the elements during travel.

2. Obtain Proper Insurance
After selecting a carrier, confirm their liability and cargo coverage, including any deductibles. Your personal auto coverage will generally not cover damage incurred while in transit with your auto carrier. If your carrier’s limit of liability is not adequate for your classic car, they should be able to help you find the coverage you need. Typically, the carrier will have coverage in the $50,000 to $100,000 range, and more if they specialize specifically in classic car transport. If the carrier does not have adequate protection, consider purchasing more coverage so that your classic car will be protected up to its replacement cost. Protect yourself by taking detailed photos of your car before and after it is shipped. If you need to claim damages at a later date, these photos make all the difference.

3. Converse in Depth
Speak with your transporter in depth before booking with them. Asking questions opens an important line of communication that offers clarity about the pick-up and drop-off process for your vehicle, and allows you to gauge the transporter’s professionalism. Agree on convenient pick-up and delivery locations that suit your needs and the driver’s accessibility. Remember to keep a realistic timeline, as well. Unlike normal parcel shipping, unforeseen delays can occur on the road. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to stay in contact with your transporter and ask for an updated time of arrival.

4. Protect Your Vehicle
Most importantly, protect your vehicle before transport. Leave only a quarter tank of fuel in your vehicle, unless your transporter tells you otherwise. Take all of your belongings out of the vehicle. Here’s why: items left inside your car will likely bounce around during travel, and will weigh down the vehicle, which increases the cost of transport. If your car is traveling on stacked carrier, request to have your vehicle “top loaded.” Top loading will ensure that your vehicle will travel on the upper deck of the carrier, preventing any potential for contact with road debris and oil drips.
his article was contributed by our friends at uShip. uShip is the world’s largest and most trusted transportation marketplace, primarily serving the freight, household goods and vehicle shipping markets.

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