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eBay Listing: 1992 Lamborghini Diablo

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Lamborghini’s Countach was the poster car in every boy’s room in the ’80s, and the follow-up Diablo proved a worthy successor in the ’90s. The design was penned by Marcello Gandini (the man responsible for the Miura and Countach) and finished by Tom Gale when Chrysler bought Lamborghini. A top speed of 202 mph, 4.5 seconds to 60 mph, and a price tag over $200k ensured it a new generation of followers.

This 1992 example is powered by the 5.7-liter V12 rated at 492 horsepower — an increase from the 5.2 liters and 455 horsepower in the Countach. Five forward speeds and a 41/59 weight distribution gave skilled drivers loads of fun to work with on the track. Unskilled users found its heft and poor visibility difficult to handle.

The caretakers of this car decided it was better to hermetically seal it than to use it. With the sale comes storage — in the form of a green vinyl bubble. The seller says the Diablo lived most of its life in the Carcoon, “a mini protective storage environment designed for infrequently used vehicles.” The car has just 11,967 km (around 7,435 miles) under it. All of that explains why the Diablo Rosso paint is in remarkable condition, as is the tan leather interior.
The buyer set a Buy-It-Now at a tick under $100k. Price guides estimate the pre-’94 Diablos worth at $80k to $100k. Is this one in good enough condition to merit top dollar? Click the link to see the auction listing: 1992 Lamborghini Diablo

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