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1987 March PC18 Indy racer

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

In the game of one-upmanship that is car collecting, what better way to show up the Joneses than taking your very own race car—like this 1987 March PC18 Indy car—around the local track on the weekend? Even if you don’t live near a track suitable for an Indy car, there’s still the possibility of inciting neighbor envy by just leaving your garage door open and pulling it out for a wash and wax session.

The seller is quick to point that this is not a replica, but an actual race car that actually did race.  The paint and sponsorship decals are said to be in excellent condition.  It is powered by a small-block Ilmore turbo Chevrolet engine.  March developed and manufactured race cars from the ‘70s into the ‘90s.  Their greatest success came in Formula Two, IndyCar, and IMSA GTP racing.

But being a bit more pragmatic, if the car were to be used in the fashion it was engineered to be, it would be prudent to have it thoroughly gone through by an expert.  At the very least, it’s best to get new tires—the original 24-year old tires are still currently fitted.

Recent sales of Indy cars on eBay Motors have averaged $22k to $38k depending on provenance and quality.  Click here to see if this racer is for you.

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