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1987 BMW M6

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This 1987 BMW M6 is in remarkable and original condition. It’s reportedly a one-owner car that spent its entire life in Northern California, within a couple hundred miles of the original selling dealer. I like it because it’s still stock — it’s avoided the boy-racer modifications and teenage-induced damage that befell some of its brethren.

The seller says the fully documented mileage is low at 89,275. That works out to an average of 3,571 miles a year — easy work for a Bavarian-built motor. The 3.5-liter six-cylinder pumps out 256 hp through a Getrag 5-speed. “The engine is free from any noises and the car does not leak fluids.” Both important points.

96 photos are posted on the listing, enabling a virtual walk-around. It is always better to inspect the car in person, but this maybe as close and you can get without actually doing so. More pictures are available upon request. The Cinnamon Red features only minor chips resulting from moderate road use. The Lotus White interior reveals slight creasing in the front seats, not unreasonable for almost 90k miles, and the floor mats are lightly soiled. Other than those two things, the interior appears new. Even the tools are like new.

Three 1987 M6s have sold on eBay Motors in the last year. Good condition examples averaged almost $15k and excellent ones are near $22k. Click here to see this one’s auction listing.

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