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1981 AMC SX/4 Eagle Kammback

Classics  /   /  By Jim Pickering

This jarringly ’80s Eagle “Kammback” in chocolate brown is equipped with the same 4×4 drivetrain as its larger and more commonly seen station wagon sibling. Despite its alleged off-road abilities, this car was never driven in winter and is said to be completely rust-free. The 46k miles are actual since new, and the nearly unworn interior would seem to confirm that claim.

The car appears to be well preserved and essentially all original. It has been sitting for seven years and will need some mechanical recommissioning, but the seller says it cranks fine and starts right up with an external fuel source. (Since the gas in the tank is seven years old, it will need to be drained.) Included in the sale is an AMC clutch master cylinder and new brake master cylinder. Get those things sorted out, and you should be good to go.

These strange malaise-era econoboxes are unusual to see on the road today, and believe it or not, they’re now bordering on collectability. 342 1980-1987 Eagles sold on eBay in the past two years, with decent examples averaging $2k-$3k. In the same time period, just 6 Eagle kammbacks sold, with prices averaging $4k to $5k. See this one’s listing here.

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3 Comments on "1981 AMC SX/4 Eagle Kammback"

4 years 2 months ago

I Like it. Looks like a Gremlin on steriods.

4 years 2 months ago

Is this what happens when a Pacer and a Gremlin share a garage?

4 years 1 month ago

Had this exact same car new in ’81. Even the same color. Really fun to drive, and got me to work in the snow in Chicago.