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1976 Volkswagen Beetle convertible

Classics, Movies & Television  /   /  By Chad Tyson

The original Bumblebee Transformer Autobot was a yellow VW Beetle, but the 2007 “Transformers” movie turned him into a Camaro. The current owners—for 15 years—of this yellow-and-black 1976 Beetle convertible reached back in pop-culture time for a set of vanity plates reading BUMLBE.

This Beetle’s condition is far better than the battle-battered Bumblebee of the movies.

The body condition is decent. The seller states there is no visible rust anywhere and the undercarriage is very nice. The 5-year old paint job is holding up well as shown in the two videos.  The chrome is shiny, and the glass appears scratch- and chip-free. It helps when the car is parked in a climate-controlled garage.

The interior of the Beetle shows a life with lots of care. Shiny vinyl, a crack-free dash cap, and clean carpets are the proof.  However,  there is a hole in the dash, as the radio is missing. Everything else is said to work properly.

The 1.6-liter Air Flow Control fuel-injected engine was reportedly rebuilt about 2,500 miles ago, which was about the same time the 4-speed transmission got a new life.  Running, driving, and stopping should not be any issue for this car, according to the seller. The car is shown idling smoothly in the second video.

During the last year, fuel-injected Volkswagen Beetle convertibles have averaged $7.5k to $11k for those in good-to-excellent condition. This includes a $500-to- $1,000 premium over non-convertible Beetles.  Click here to see the auction listing.  If you don’t like the country music style of Rascal Flatts, the audio player is located just below the photo that shows the Beetle’s VIN number.

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