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1974 Jensen-Healey

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Looking for a wintertime project? If you’ve got a thing for vintage British cars and need something to keep you busy while the snow is falling, this 1974 Jensen-Healey convertible could be just the project for you.

The seller says this car’s Lotus-built 2.0L dual-overhead cam engine does not leak any oil. The dual Zenith Stromberg carbs are said to have been recently rebuilt (at a cost of $1,000), a new signal switch was fitted, and the interior was redone at some point in the recent past.  The seller says the 5-speed manual shifts well in and out of each gear.

All that is said to be left to finish on the car “is a fresh paint job and a little repair on the hood.”  The top is in “great condition” and the rear plastic appears clear in the photos, so that’s one less thing to fix.  However, these cars are known for two major issues: body rust and their habit of destroying timing belts and tensioners.  The Lotus mill is an interference engine, meaning a broken belt will result in pistons hitting valves. That’ll be expensive, so be sure to ask about the engine’s history and maintenance records before you bid.

Just over a handful of 1972-1976 Jensen-Healeys sold on eBay Motors in the past year, with good to excellent examples averaging $6k–$10k. See how this one is doing here.

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