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1973 Mazda RX2

Classics  /   /  By Tony Piff

Here are two tips that rotary enthusiasts are sure to spit out if you ever question their beloved Wankel: 1: the engines must be given time to warm up fully for oil circulation; and 2: the engines must be redlined weekly to clear out carbon buildup. If it really is as simple as that, sign me up—rotaries are cool, and a mandate to drive them hard only adds to the appeal.

This ’73 Rx2 has been with the same owner for the past 22 years and was restored seven years ago. It now has less than 1,500 miles on the rebuilt motor, put together by specialists Rotary Performance. The engine bay is an orderly rainbow of colors, and the rest of the car shows the same attention to detail.

The body wears only minimal exterior trim, for a clean, stripped look, but all trim pieces are said to be included. Other items include the a/c console, condenser, new compressor, and dryer. The seller also offers “a number of other hard-to-find replacement parts,” available for a “small fee.”

The seller reports, “Everything is immaculate as everything has been redone… I am looking for a good home [for the car] and am not in a hurry to sell.” All this suggests a well cared-for car without surprises, ready to spin some serious RPMs. If a vintage Japanese hot rod is what you’re after, and a Datsun 510 is just too ordinary, see this RX2’s listing here.

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3 Comments on "1973 Mazda RX2"

mazda now
3 years 1 month ago

Yes! Finally someone writes about mazda.

Hector Gaud
2 years 22 days ago

looking for a Mazda Rx 2 or 3for sale please contact me if you have one or friend thank you

1 year 6 months ago

Busco piezas nuevas para el Mazda RX2 1972 .busco botellas del termina delantero. Los rifill. Oil cooler original me puedes llamar al 787)329-9550 Sr Gonzalez