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1973 Ferrari 246 GT Dino Spyder

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

Ferrari’s curvaceous Dino was the company’s first serious stab at bringing a mid-engine car to the consumer market. 3,883 Dino 246s were made in a six year period, including this red ’73 GT Spyder.

If you look closely and wonder why the steering wheel is on the opposite side, don’t try and flip the image.  It is a right hand drive that, according to the seller, was bought new in England and shipped to New Zealand.  Just 3,300 miles ago it reportedly underwent a ground up restoration by a previous owner.  It made its way to California with the seller where it has lived in climate-controlled comfort.

“All records since I have owned it,” notes the seller regarding what’s available, “including engine rebuild.”  What caused the engine rebuild was a failed radiator hose at 86,300 miles, which led to the engine overheating.  It’s been driven just 1,200 miles since the ’07 rebuild.  “Just serviced two months ago so no mechanical issues just finishing break in period.”

The only mentioned negative on the car is a small crack in the plastic spare tire well tray, although there is no picture available.  Be sure to have the car inspected by a certified Ferrari expert prior to bidding—repairs will be expensive, so get all the information on the car’s needs up front.

Recent eBay Motors sales show 1972-74 Dino 246 GTSs selling for $212k to $246k, depending on condition.  A total of 1,274 were made those three years—a high volume for Ferrari production, but still relatively uncommon in the sports car world. Click here to see this one’s listing.

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