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1973 BMW 2002tii

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This ’73 Roundie has already met its reserve. The seller gave the car a full rotisserie restoration, down to removing the original undercoating to “expose any issues” and re-coating it in POR-15.  Very important, as rust is the biggest killer of these cars.

The 4-speed manual transmission suggests that this may not be a true tii, as it should have had a 5-speed from the factory—but either configuration is more desirable than an automatic. New bits include thermostat, hoses, cap & rotor, plugs, front and rear glass, trunk gasket, exhaust, wheels, tires, headliner and more.  Engine, brakes and clutch were disassembled and checked over.

1,850 BMW 2002s sold on eBay in the past three years, with the best examples averaging about $11k. Tiis, by contrast, averaged $12k–$21k, which helps explain why regular cars often get cloned into tiis. This one looks like a sharp little restored car that will be a blast to drive, but be sure you know what you’re bidding on. See the listing here.

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2 Comments on "1973 BMW 2002tii"

Roger Coote
4 years 11 months ago

The 5-speed was a factory option that was combined with an LSD.
The 5 speed was a close ratio box and you may find cars fitted with an overdrive box which came from the later E21 series of BMW (4 cylinder.) This box is fitted with a different type of slave cylinder being attached by 2 nuts as opposed to the correct box that had a cylinder retained by a circlip.
The close ratio box is a very desirable extra and prices for the gearbox and LSD are strong.
Hope this helps,Roger Coote.

Michael Dinan
4 years 11 months ago

The 1973 tii came only with a 4 speed manual transmission in USA. I was a BMW dealer Technician when this car was new. (we were called mechanics back in those days). An “Alpine” 5 speed (1:1 5th speed) was optional in Europe. This car should have the Kugelfisher timed mechanical fuel injection. This car appears to have 320i alloy wheels.