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1972 Morris Mini 850

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Americans are familiar with the Mini Cooper and perhaps the Austin Mini, but over the decades many companies around the world produced their own licensed versions. This ’72 Morris is a New Zealand market car that was recently imported to South Carolina. The funky cream-of-mushroom paint looks to be in great condition and is reportedly original. The exterior color is upstaged only by the interior, upholstered in oh-so-‘70s split-pea vinyl.

These cars look tiny alongside modern traffic, but they enjoy a reputation for excellent handling and are a blast to zip around downtown. This one is said to run “perfect.” The seller says that it is totally rust-free and includes pics of the undercarriage to confirm.

The big headache with vintage Minis is getting them registered, as they were only imported into the states for a short time. There may be issues with the VIN and title, so check with your local DMV before bidding. See the listing here.

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