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eBay Listing: 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS

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If you’ve spent any time around GM muscle cars, you probably know the Yenko name, as his dealer-built cars are some of the rarest and most notorious cars of the muscle era. In a time when you couldn’t get an engine bigger than a 396 cubic inches in a Camaro, Don Yenko offered special 427-powered cars, and he worked his magic on Novas, too.

This Nova isn’t a real Yenko, but if you’re looking for a head-turner that you don’t need to worry about using, that’s no problem. Real-deal cars are really rare and quite expensive, so this is a great alternative at a fraction of the price. And it has all the same eyeball of a real car.

This car is said to be a a solid southern Nova with no rust, and the 350-ci V8 and three-speed automatic are reportedly in great overall shape. Other features include true dual exhaust, 4 barrel carb and power steering. The engine compartment is very clean and simple, with factory-style fittings and exhaust manifolds, and for a car that you’re actually going to use, that’s smart — no exhaust leaks or rusty headers to deal with here.

A total of 4,082 1968-1972 Chevrolet Novas have sold on eBay Motors over the past three years, with average prices ranging from $7,800 to almost $20k, depending on options and condition. This one looks like it could be a great driver. See how it’s doing here.

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