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1971 SAAB Sonett III

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

Like the quirky look of the SAAB Sonett III? Wish it had a little more grunt under the hood? This SAAB’s original V4 engine has been fitted with a Garrett T-3 turbocharger. “Fast, unique looks, sounds great and pulls like a train…” is how the seller describes the car. The current horsepower is estimated at 125—a huge improvement over the car’s original 65. It’s had the same owner for 35 years and has less than 4k miles on the custom powertrain.

This is a ’71, so it doesn’t sport the chunky, U.S.-mandated safety bumpers of the later years. The hue is a recently-applied Porsche Arctic Blue. Better still, there are no stress cracks in the fiberglass, according to the seller. A flip-up front end was fitted for “easy powertrain access,” rather than the small pop-forward lid the car had from the factory.

The interior is mostly original with no rips or abrasions. A modern AM/FM/CD-player does clash with the factory dash. It might be best to update to a unit that can play mp3 versions of ABBA for skip-free listening while road racing. Or eliminate the thing altogether.

In the past year, six 1970-74 SAAB Sonett IIIs sold on eBay Motors. Good to excellent examples have averaged from $4k to nearly $8k. Although none of them featured the performance modifications this one has. Click here to see the listing.

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