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1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Classics  /   /  By Jim Pickering

Plymouth redesigned the Barracuda body in 1970 and gave the car the same E-body platform as the new Dodge Challenger. A number of these cars were specialty/high performance vehicles, which is noted with the ‘Cuda designation. These cars featured the 440-ci Six Pack and 426-ci Hemi, the two largest of the nine engine options available.

This blue, two-door hard top is reportedly one of the 652 ‘Cudas that were fitted with the legendary Mopar 426-ci Hemi engine—at an additional $871.45—in 1970. And this car is one of the 284 that came with the desirable 4-speed manual transmission.  This seller claims that the restoration of the vehicle took it back to correct, good-as-new condition.  Date codes on mufflers, the numbers-matching engine, transmission, rear end, and VIN back the seller.

As always, there is no substitute for an in-person inspection, especially when dealing with muscle car royalty.  Muscle car prices have cooled in recent years, which means a buyer can now get a lot more bang for the buck.  So far, 56 1970 ‘Cudas have been sold in the past year on eBay Motors. Click here to see the auction listing.

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1 Comment on "1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda"

David Piwowarczyk
2 years 11 months ago

had 1970 Plymouth and love to relive my past experience with my 1st and favorite Plymouth!!!