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1969 Volkswagen Double Cab pickup

Classics, SUVs  /   /  By Jim Pickering

Volkswagen busses are everywhere in the U.S., but you rarely see pickups built on the same platform. Why? Well, in the 1960s, in response to a steep tariff placed on U.S. chicken in France and West Germany, the U.S. placed a 25% tariff on the importation of light trucks, brandy, dextrin, and potato starch. Over the years, the majority of these tariffs were lifted, but the tax on imported trucks remained, thanks to lobbying from Detroit. Examples like this VW truck were much more expensive to buy than their domestic counterparts, so importations trickled down to almost nothing.

This double cab is said to be all-original, aside from a repaint in Neptune Blue. It has only had two owners from new, neither of whom used it much – it shows only 28k miles on the odometer, and the truck bed is more or less immaculate, suggesting it’s never seen any abuse. The seller says the truck still has all its original glass, and that the doors, drop gates, and chassis are rust free.

The interior has been restored and looks completely stock, with correct vinyl seats and door panels. The seller says the engine and transmission are original and have not been modified, but they were given a once-over in 2007, so it should be a decent driver.

If you’re looking for a classic pickup that’ll stand out from the typical Ford, Chevy, or even Toyota, this could be just the truck for you. Check out the listing here.

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