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1969 Toyota Corona coupe

Asian, Classics  /   /  By Tony Piff

Want a gas-sipping classic car for your collection? This 1969 Corona looks like a clean, complete California original. The only modification noted is a slightly lowered suspension, which I think just enhances the car’s shrunken dimensions. These cars were never preserved when new—they were just purchased for their fuel economy and mechanical reliability and driven into the ground. So finding a surviving example like this is pretty unusual.

The car’s oddly styled front grille, quad round headlights, blue tinted glass, chiclet-sized turn signals, and intact hubcaps all make for a charming vintage Japanese time capsule. A previous owner added aftermarket trim strips to the sides and bumpers, which could be removed for a cleaner look, but they don’t really detract.

The seller states that he has replaced the carb and fuel pump, and the engine “starts up quickly and runs smoothly without hiccups.” The desirable manual transmission shifts smoothly with no issues. The headlight fuse tends to burn out, but all lights, signals, etc. are reported to be functional. The carpets and vinyl have been redone in a period style.

A total of 94 Toyota Coronas have sold on eBay Motors in the past two years, with decent examples averaging $3k to $4k. Check out the listing for this one here.

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jean requa
1 year 3 months ago

looking to buy a 68 69 corona must have 4 speed transmission