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1969 Plymouth Road Runner convertible

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

In 1969, the Road Runner was near the top of Plymouth’s intermediate-size muscle cars, following only the GTX in horsepower and standard features. The convertible featured here is rare, as just 2,128 convertibles were built that year, and only 773 of them came with a 4-speed transmission. Muscle car survival rates were poor in the late 1960s and early 1970s — drivers ran these cars fast and hard — so it’s safe to say that there are fewer than 773 1969 4-speed convertibles left on the road.

The seller broke down the VIN plate and trim tag to show the options the car came with.

The seller says the car is “very high-end driver quality,” and the listing features a virtual walk around the car. Tip to tail, this Road Runner appears very clean. No dents are evident on the body, trim or bumpers. The seller says there is no rust on the frame rails. Rusty sections were repaired on the trunk pan and lower quarter panels. The pan was completely replaced — instead of patched —as were the drop-offs connecting it to the body.

The car no longer has its original 383-ci engine, but the seller believes the current 383-ci engine is a period warranty replacement. The wipers, clock and radio are among the parts not currently working.

In the several past several years, 2,331 1968-70 Plymouth Road Runners have sold on eBay Motors, 150 of them in the last year. Good examples average almost $22k and excellent ones are near $37k. Good convertibles averaged close to $33k and excellent models over $55k. However, no convertibles have sold in the past year. Click here to see the auction listing.

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