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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

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When it comes to muscle car sainthood, several option codes leave the rest behind: the Corvette L88, R-code Mustangs, and Mopar’s R-code Hemi engine—but none of them were as purpose-built as the Z/28 Camaros.

The factory option (RPO) code Z/28 meant an exclusive engine—a 302-ci, 290-hp powerplant that qualified it for Trans Am racing. The package also included a special suspension, wheels, tires, steering box, and more.  A close-ratio 4-speed transmission and front power disc brakes were also part of Chevy’s premium muscle car recipe.

The seller goes into exquisite detail to confirm that this car is an actual Z/28.  After all, it’s easy to fake a Z/28. The seller lists part numbers for the distributor, valve covers, and seven-blade clutch fan.  Photos of the original order sheet, warranty information, and registration are offered as well.  Keep in mind there is no substitution for having a qualified professional inspect the car to verify authenticity.

But does this car look original—no typical aftermarket modifications, such as sub-frame connectors, gear-reduction starter, or exhaust headers.  The paint appears to be the proper number 76 Daytona Yellow.  The 711 black standard interior also appears intact.

The car has only been driven 500 miles by the seller since purchase, ostensibly to keep the value of the car from declining.  This Z/28 usually sits under a cover in a climate-controlled garage, but it does get started several times a month to keep things from unraveling.

Chevrolet built 20,302 Z/28 in 1969, which looks like a lot of cars, but quite of few of them haven’t survived 42 years.

Only 24 1969 Camaro Z/28s have been sold on eBay Motors in the last year.  Of those, good examples have averaged over $35k and excellent ones $56k.  Click here to see the auction listing.

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