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1969 Alfa Romeo 'Duetto' Spider

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Alfa Romeo’s Duetto production technically lasted only from 1966 through 1967, but the following ’68-’71 Spider 1750s were nearly identical, so the name stuck. The major difference between the two was a 1,779-cc engine instead of a 1,579-cc engine.

This red ’69 Roundtail has an added distinction of being powered by a 1981 2000-cc engine, thanks to a past owner running the original block out of oil. The car was, shortly thereafter, sold to its second owner, and he kept it 30 years.

This car’s 30-year list of repairs and replacement parts is a long one, while the number of miles (reportedly just 17k) is limited. It’s had suspension work, two original color repaints, and rocker panel replacement.

The seller’s reportedly had the car four months, and during that time, he’s completed a valve adjustment, reset the SPICA fuel injection, and checked the timing. New spark plugs/wires, tail pipe, battery, and Pirelli tires have also been installed, and the transmission oil was changed.

Inoperative items include the high beam switch and wiper washer sprayers, and the passenger’s door could use some adjustment. The seller says the car has no rust at all, and that’s believable given the work history. But an inspection would add peace of mind, as these cars are known for their susceptibility to rust.

Only a handful of 1968-71 Alfa Spider Roundtails have sold on eBay Motors in the past year. Good models have averaged around $15k, while excellent examples have been upwards of $25k. Click here to see how this one is doing.

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