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1968 Volvo 1800S

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Bullet-proof reliability, comfortable driving, and not enough power to get into trouble are the hallmarks of Volvo’s 1800-series coupes, affectionately referred to as “tractor sports cars.” The pop-culture factor doesn’t hurt either, as Roger Moore drove a P1800 in the ‘60s TV drama “The Saint.”

This 1968 1800S is said to have undergone a recent restoration, with engine and transmission completely rebuilt. Bold cosmetic deviations from stock include shaved belt trim, custom “nerf bar” bumpers and Torque Thrusts all around. New mechanical parts and pieces include polyurethane bushings all around, stainless exhaust, a/c components, weatherseals, radiator, suspension components, and red-and-black leather inside.

The car reportedly starts immediately and drives great. Only 200 miles have been put on it since restoration, so the new owner has the opportunity to settle the car in and enjoy for the long haul.

Rust is a common concern regarding any cars of this era, even if there currently is none. Take steps to ensure you know what you are getting into. Get an expert to evaluate the car—it with either verify what you already know or enlighten you of potential pitfalls.

Just 59 1961-72 Volvo 1800S examples sold on eBay Motors in recent years. Excellent condition ones can go for more than $12k, while good examples fall between $7-8k. Click here to see the auction listing.

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