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1968 Dodge Dart GT

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This Dart GT has reportedly been in the same family since it was purchased in 1968. The seller claims the motor has only covered 45k miles, and thanks to the unkillable nature of the Chrysler slant 6, this looks like it could be a car with a whole lot of miles left—and a bit of ‘60s style—for not a lot of money.

The car’s interior is said to be original and rather well preserved overall, which may help to confirm the low mileage. Flaws include “mouse holes” in the headliner behind the visors (not pictured) and a detached driver’s door arm rest, held on with what appears to be a twist tie. The seller does not say that the paint is original, but it looks fine overall and does match the door jambs and engine bay, suggesting that it is at least the original color. There is some staining below the gas cap and holes in the white vinyl top. There are no signs of rust visible in the pictures.

A total of 1,321 1967-1969 Dodge Darts have sold on eBay Motors over the past two years, with decent examples averaging $9k to $16k. See this one’s listing here.

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