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1968 Datsun 510 sedan

Asian, Classics  /   /  By Tony Piff

This 1968 510 looks remarkably intact for a 43-year-old Japanese econobox. Appreciation for the model is growing today among the tuning set, as a low-buck alternative to the BMW 2002, but the cars were never preserved or cherished by collectors when they were new. Most examples were just driven into the ground, used up, and thrown away, or succumbed to rust and wrecks.

This one, while not a two-door,  is equipped with a manual transmission, which adds to the driving experience and mechanical reliability. The car is from the first year of production and is described as having “original 1968 parts from engine to bumpers.” (That does not include the interior, which was redone three months ago at a cost of $2,000.) The “heater, lights, etc.” all work “very well.”

The seller states that the car “runs good” and has “no mechanical problems,” but does say it will need a tuneup. It wears desirable California black plates, but the seller notes one spot of rust on the corner of the driver’s door.

Altogether, this looks like an exceptionally original, intact example of a nostalgic daily driver that is verging on future collectibility.  1968 510 sales from eBay Motors have averaged $4-8k in the recent years. See the listing here.

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