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1968 Chevelle Nomad wagon

Classics  /   /  By Tony Piff

If you’re in the market for a stock, un-customized grocery-getter wagon, this ’68 Chevelle Nomad looks like a great find—most of these vintage wagons were either used up by teenage drivers back in the day, or more recently tinted, lowered, and fitted with monstrous oversized chrome rims.

The seller of this car thinks the mileage may be original, and cosmetic condition is good enough that he could be right, or maybe the car was restored some time in the recent past. The interior looks well kept, and the headliner is in remarkably good shape. The funky green paint is a period color and looks shiny and smooth, although the seller discloses “rust bubbles starting on drip edge passenger side.” The cassette deck and under-dash a/c are the only noted deviations from stock.

The Collector Car Price Tracker lists 27 Chevelle Nomads sold on eBay Motors in the past two years, with prices averaging $5,200 to $8,100, depending on condition and originality. This looks like a very appealing driver perfect for tailgating at soccer games. Check out the listing here.

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