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1967 Ford Econoline Van

Classics, SUVs  /   /  By Jim Pickering

Looking for a vintage van but don’t want to look like a hippie? This  ’67 Econoline Van offers a nice alternative to the outrageously expensive VW bus, with reduced connotations of hippie-dippiness, and better performance, thanks to a straight-six powerplant. The seller says, “I just drove it up from Saint Pete Florida to Savannah, went 75+ most of the way on the freeway with no issues.” It’s fitted with a 3-on-the-tree manual transmission, which is not only fun to operate, but is also a pretty good deterrent to any 20-something would-be car thieves who’d have no idea how to drive it.

The van wears its original paint and trim, with “no Bondo or body work,” and has all original seats, headliner, interior trim, and instruments. The 64k indicated miles are said to be original. Paint and interior appear to be in very good condition for the mileage and age.

The seller purchased the car in Oregon in 2006, where he says it lived for “most of its life,” and had it trailered to Florida, so it may have largely avoided exposure to salted roads. It is described as “garage kept with little rust.”

Problems noted seem pretty bearable: the van “does drip a little oil…not enough to need it between oil changes… heat does not get real warm, but the blowers and defrost work… the fuel gauge sticks…” and there is a six-inch dent below the windshield on the passenger’s side, shown in the photos.

The only noted upgrade is a modern stereo system, installed without apparent damage to the interior. The Kenwood CD player is shown mounted inside the glove compartment, with no holes cut for the speakerboxes. The seller describes it as a “great tailgate or beach party setup,” and I’d have to agree. He adds, “a full-size air mattress fits perfectly,” and magnetic curtains for all the back windows are included. The fifteen windows add light, visibility, and a whole lot of appeal over the panel van variant.

These vintage Ford vans remain popular among collectors, with average prices ranging from $4,000 to just under $7,000, depending on condition. See this one’s listing here.

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  1. Pat Riley January 8, 2011 at 8:07 am Reply

    I have one of these vans—Extended window van tan and white in Colorado, very neat and very fun to drive.

    • Tim Dekkers July 28, 2014 at 7:10 am Reply

      I am looking for a 1966 to 1869 van if you have one please call me at 810-956-2168

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